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Abacus Franchise in Hyderabad for Smart Education

We at UCMAS are looking for capable individuals who are willing to partner with us to change the world and touch the lives of children through education. We are looking for people who wants to start an abacus franchise in hyderabad and districts of Telangana. To Own an Abacus Franchise with UCMAS, one does not need any prior experience. All one needs to focus on is the ability to manage, administer and market lifetime skills for children so as to develop them into worthy citizens of tomorrow.

Bhavana Educare Abacus Technologies(BEAT) is the UCMAS Master Franchisee for Telangana. We will support you at every step of the way to initiate this wonderful and exciting business opportunity so that you can own and abacus franchise in Hyderabad. Once approved and registered as a UCMAS abacus Franchisee, you will receive intensive counselling on this novel concept.

We at UCMAS Telangana will provide brand name, logo, course contents, examination material and monitoring systems to an UCMAS abacus franchisee. We will also arrange State Level Competitions, National Level Competitions, International Level Competition, International Grading Exam and issue certificates accordingly. This will be in addition to our professional support in administrative, technical and marketing functions

Contact number

Call us on +919989969988 or enter your details below to indicate your  interest in UCMAS abacus franchisee in Hyderabad.

To know more about UCMAS abacus franchisee hyderabad, you can meet us at our Telangana office in Hyderabad

After the payment of license fees, you will sign the Franchise & Course Instructor (C.I.) Agreements with us.

After C.I. training, you are ready to take classes. We will conduct the marketing in your area and there-in you are ready with your center!

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