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Reputed organization vs local institute for abacus learning! Which is best?

Abacus education offers numerous benefits for children, making it an important educational tool. It offers a holistic approach to your kid's learning, benefiting children academically, cognitively, and personally. It equips them with valuable cognitive skills that can serve them well throughout their lives. So, its important to ensure that you join your kid in a good institute. When deciding between a reputed organization and a local institute for abacus learning, several factors should be considered to determine which option is best suited for your needs.

1.      Curriculum:

Local Institute: Local institutes may lack standardized and comprehensive curricula, potentially hindering your child's learning progress and overall development.

Globally Recognized Institute: UCMAS offers a meticulously crafted curriculum that is recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in enhancing mathematical abilities and cognitive skills.

2.      Instructor Quality:

Local Institute: The quality of instruction at local institutes can vary widely, with some instructors lacking the necessary expertise and training to effectively teach abacus techniques.

Globally Recognized Institute: UCMAS instructors undergo extensive training and certification processes, ensuring that your child receives guidance from knowledgeable professionals with expertise in abacus education.

3.      Learning Resources:

Local institute: Local institutes may have limited access to educational resources and materials, which can impede your child's ability to fully grasp abacus concepts and techniques

Globally Recognized Institute: UCMAS offers a wealth of learning resources, including textbooks, workbooks, and multimedia materials, to enrich the learning experience and reinforce concepts.

4.      Learning Environment

Local institute: Local institutes may lack a structured learning environment conducive to concentration, discipline, and academic success, leading to inconsistencies in learning outcomes.

Globally Recognized Institute: UCMAS places a strong emphasis on mental math and brain development, equipping students with essential skills for problem-solving, memory enhancement, and overall cognitive growth

5.     Recognition and Certification 

Local institute: Certifications from local institutes may not carry the same weight in academic or career settings as those from recognized organizations like UCMAS, limiting your child's future prospects.

Globally Recognized Institute: UCMAS certifications are recognized internationally, opening doors to academic and career opportunities worldwide and validating your child's proficiency in abacus computation.

6.      Track Record of Success

Local institute: Local institutes may not have a proven track record of success or testimonials to demonstrate the effectiveness of their abacus learning programs, leaving parents unsure of the program's efficacy.

Globally Recognized Institute: UCMAS has a long-standing reputation for producing outstanding results, with countless success stories of students excelling academically and achieving their goals through abacus learning.

Conclusion: Opting for a local institute for abacus learning may come with few advantages such as ease of access, lower fees but has various drawbacks, including limited curriculum quality, inconsistent instructor quality, and sparse learning resources. To ensure your child receives the best possible education in abacus techniques, consider reputable organizations like UCMAS that offer standardized curricula, certified instructors, and globally recognized certifications.

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